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Choose from our chef curated "Mosaics" or build your own custom creation with your choice of over 30 toppings. Options may vary at select locations.


10” Personal $7.99 / $8.99
14” Large $11.99 / $12.99

Cheese Pizza 0162-for-web


(770/1630) Cal.
Classic red sauce topped with parmesan/romano, mozzarella, and a pinch of salt.
Cheese Pizza 0162-for-web

Double Cheese

(1190/2200) Cal.
Classic red sauce topped with EXTRA parmesan/romano and EXTRA mozzarella.
Pepperoni Pizza 0165


(900/1890 ) Cal.
Classic red sauce topped with cup & char pepperoni, parmesan/romano and mozzarella.
MuPeSa Pizza 0175-for-web


(980/2050) Cal.
Classic red sauce topped with parmesan/romano, mozzarella, mushrooms, cup & char pepperoni, and crumbled Italian sausage.
Veggie Pizza 0190


(1030/2070) Cal.
Garlic oil, mozzarella, spinach, mushrooms, roasted red pepper, red onion, pepperoncini, artichoke heart, fresh mozzarella, green pepper, and olive oil.
BLT Pizza 0437


(1300/2600) Cal.
Garlic oil base topped with mozzarella, bacon, tomato, and shredded lettuce tossed in ranch dressing.
Italian Pizza 0205


(1140/2350) Cal.
Classic red sauce, garlic oil, parmesan/romano, mozzarella, ricotta, sliced ham, cup & char pepperoni, salami, roasted red pepper, artichoke heart, and pepperoncinis
Greek Pizza 0186

The Greek

(790/1580 ) Cal.
Creamy basil pesto, mozzarella, fire-roasted chicken thigh, spinach, mushroom, pepperoncinis, artichoke heart, black olive, roasted red pepper, red onion, and balsamic glaze.
Supreme Pizza 0168-for-web


(1010/2100) Cal.
Classic red sauce, parmesan/romano, mozzarella, crumbled Italian sausage, cup & char pepperoni, mushroom, black olive, green pepper, and red onion.
BBQ Chicken Pizza 0179-for-web


(1140/2370) Cal.
Creamy North Carolina-Style BBQ sauce, cheddar/jack, caramelized onion, red onion, fire-roasted chicken thigh or pulled pork, cilantro and chipotle aioli.
Asian Pork Pizza 0197-for-web

Bahn Mi/Asian Pork

(1400/2700 ) Cal.
Sweet & spicy hoisin gochugang sauce topped with provolone, pulled pork, pepperoncinis, green peppers, and chopped garlic. Garnished with pickled vegetables and cilantro.
Available at select locations only
Fig _ Arugula Pizza 0229

Brie & Fig

(890/1780) Cal.
Garlic-oil brushed crust with creamy brie, thinly sliced ham, caramelized onions, sweet fig marmalade. Topped with arugula and balsamic glaze.
Available at select locations only
Photo Coming Soon Placeholder_MPC

Buffalo Chicken

(1150/2290) Cal.
Creamy buffalo sauce and garlic oil topped with cheddar/jack, fire-roasted chicken thigh, celery, and carrots. Finished with a blue cheese drizzle.

build your own

Options may vary at select locations.


Personal 10"
$7.99 1 Topping
$8.99 2+ Toppings


Large 14"
$11.99 1 Topping
$12.99 2+ Toppings

  • 13-pizza-outline


Classic (390 / 780 Cal.)

Gluten-Friendly (680 Cal.)
(+$2.00) Available in 10" Size Only

  • sauce


Classic Red Sauce (90 Cal.)

Spicy Marinara (260 / 530 Cal.)

Garlic Oil (210 / 430 Cal.)

Alfredo (90 / 180 Cal.)

Pesto Alfredo (190 / 380 Cal.)

Creamy BBQ (100 / 200 Cal.)

Gochujang (240 / 480 Cal.)

  • 556-cheese-outline


Fresh Mozzarela (140 / 280 Cal.)

Ricotta (110 / 220 Cal.)

Parmesan/Romano (60 / 110 Cal.)

Pepper Jack / Cheddar (330 / 670 Cal.)

Cotija (110 / 230 Cal.)

Daiya Vegan Cheese (180 / 360 Cal.)

  • 550-meat-outline


Pepperoni (130 / 260 Cal.)

Italian Sausage (190 / 380 Cal.)

Fire Roasted Chicken (90 / 180 Cal.)

Ham (60 / 120 Cal.)

Salami (210 / 430 Cal.)

Beef Crumbles (60 / Cal.)

Bacon (140 / 280 Cal.)

Pulled Pork (140 / 280 Cal.)

Meatballs (170 / 350 Cal.)

  • 524-basket-vegetables-outline


Mushrooms (5 Cal.)

Chopped Garlic (40 Cal.)

Green Pepper (5 Cal.)

Red Onion (10 Cal.)

Black Olives (40 Cal.)

Pickled Cherry Peppers (35 Cal.)

Caramelized Onions (30 Cal.)

Spinach (5 Cal.)

Pepperoncini (5 Cal.)

Roasted Red Peppers (5 Cal.)

Marinated Artichokes (20 Cal.)

Arugula (0 Cal.)

Carrots (10 Cal.)

Cherry Tomatoes (5 Cal.)

Cucumber (5 Cal.)

Roasted Corn (45 Cal.)

Jalapenos (5 Cal.)

Red Cabbage (10 Cal.)

Black Beans (30 Cal.)

  • 583-pepper-outline


Black Pepper (0 Cal.)

Kosher Salt (0 Cal.)

Crushed Red Pepper (5 Cal.)

Cilantro (5 Cal.)

Chipotle Aioli (180 Cal.)

BBQ Sauce (100 / 200 Cal.)

Balsamic Glaze (60 Cal.)

EVOO (240 / 480 Cal.)

Buffalo Sauce (0 Cal.)

Fig Spread (260 / 510 Cal.)

Garlic Parmesan Sauce (170 Cal.)

Gochujang Sauce (240 / 480)

Basil (0 Cal.)

Honey (80 Cal.)

Oregano (5 Cal.)

Roasted Garlic Aioli (170 Cal.)


Options may vary at select locations.


Bone-In Wings (5)(430 Cal.)

Crispy oven-baked wings with your choice of sauce: Buffalo(o Cal.), BBQ*(100 Cal.), Garlic Parmesan(350 Cal.), or Gochujang(120 Cal.).

*Not Gluten-Friendly


Boneless Wings (5)(160 Cal.)

Crispy oven-baked wings with your choice of sauce: Buffalo(o Cal.), BBQ*(100 Cal.), Garlic Parmesan(350 Cal.), or Gochujang(120 Cal.).

*Not Gluten-Friendly


Cheesy Bread (960 Cal.)

Classic dough brushed with garlic oil, topped with mozzarella,  parmesan/romano cheese, and oregano.




Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in
your party has a food allergy. Gluten-friendly offerings are prepared in
a facility where gluten is processed.

2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie
needs vary. Additional nutritional information available here. 

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